1. Look And Feel Your Best This Winter With Our Chicago Spa!

    The holidays are here, which for many locals means more time hustling and bustling and less time focused on self care. If you’re too busy to pamper yourself, the stress of this season can add up! Allure de Vie is here to serve as your Top Rated Local® salon and spa across Chicago, delivering industry-leading services to help you feel relaxed and reinvigorated. Our team is on the edge of modern …Read More

  2. Summer is Here! Soak Up the Sunshine With Confidence With Allure’s Spa Services

    Summer is already here, and before we know it, 2019 will be over and we’ll be back in our winter coats! It’s essential to make the most of every moment, and in order to do that, many Windy City residents opt for quality spa services to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Allure de Vie offers relaxing spa and salon services such as our laser hair removal in Chicago, receiving the pr…Read More

  3. Looking for a Nice Mother’s Day Gift in 2019? Check Out Our Top Choices!

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  5. Our Chicago Spa Highlights Interesting Facts To Know About Laser Hair Removal Services

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  6. Answering Embarrassing Questions About Laser Hair Removal Part 1

    For many men and women across the country, uncomfortable and unsightly body hair can be a real nuisance. Our modern society places a premium focus on clean, smooth skin, which can place a lot of pressure on individuals to look at their hair removal regimen and enact big changes. While body waxing and shaving are both convenient short-term solutions, they can pale in comparison to modern laser hair…Read More

  7. Summer Tips To Match Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Summertime is in full swing here in Illinois, and people are more eager than ever to head out and soak up the sun. Those that are in need of quality spa services before jumping into their swimsuit can benefit from a rejuvenating day at Allure de Vie. Our luxurious salon and spa offers numerous services, from our cleansing body waxing to relaxing spa massages. Anyone in need of top-notch laser hair…Read More

  8. Laser Hair Removal Vs Traditional Methods Part 2

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  9. Laser Hair Removal Vs Traditional Methods Part 1

    Innovation is the driving factor behind our customer satisfaction here at Allure De Vie. Our wide range of relaxing spa services in the Chicago area helps to keep our clients smiling and coming back for more. One key task we undertake in order to accomplish pampering is hair removal. You can refresh your look and feel confident after undergoing our professional body waxing treatment or benefitting…Read More

  10. Choosing Between Body Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

    You’re probably gearing up for the summer weather as the temperatures breach 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the Chicago area. However, putting on the shorts or skirts to bask in the sunshine may make you cringe as you realize your winter legs are covered in winter hair. If you are tired of shaving and just want the hair to be gone, you may be thinking about body waxing or laser hair removal, and it’…Read More