Indulge Yourself In A Spa Pampering Experience

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap – This effective detoxifying treatment envelopes the body in a rich seaweed foam mask to boost the elimination of toxins and excess fluids through their mineral-rich properties. A body exfoliation may be added to this treatment for superior results. Note: Avoid during pregnancy.

Purifying Mud Therapy– Mud wraps are known for their therapeutic benefits.

Top off the experience with an add-on massage.

Body Scrubs- Weather sugar- or salt-based and packed with essential oils or flower extracts. Body Scrubs reign supreme for their ability to seriously exfoliate, helping to reveal brighter-looking, smoother skin. Spa-administered Body Scrubs are a bit more intense, and they are more of invigorating experience, although many involve a massage of some sorts

Salt Glow Body Scrub- Let us polish your body with exfoliating Dead Sea Salt to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a super-hydrating body mask with high-quality essential oils specifically formulated to transport you into a total state of relaxation. This is a great way to pamper anyone in search of a dewy body glow.

Body Wraps and Treatments

Body Wraps and Treatments Price
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap$148
Salt Glow Body Scrub$148
Purifying Mud Therapy Wrap$168