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Best Hair Care Salon in Chicago

The hair stylists at Allure de Vie Hair Salon welcome you to enjoy our variety of services, including hair coloring, haircuts, texturing, and therapy. Our hair stylists would love to get to know you and your hair – we want to make sure the style you leave with is right for you!

Coloring and Highlighting

Our hair stylists at Allure De Vie have a keen eye when it comes to hair coloring. Simply tell your hairstylist which color you’d like and the rest is up to us! Sit back and relax while we transform your hair into perfection. 

Haircuts and Styles

Tired of those split ends? Let one of our hair stylists take care of them for you. Whether you’ve been here before or not, the hair stylists at Allure De Vie Salon will make sure you go home with the haircut that fits your style perfectly.

Ladies’ Haircuts

Our salon in Chicago specializes in quality cuts for the ladies. Come in for a trim, schedule a major update, and be sure to check out our other beautifying salon services, including nails and makeup.

Men’s Haircuts

Allure de Vie is also here to help the gentlemen feel good. We know how to style hair for nearly every preference, and will be happy to discuss our stylish options for any men who opt for a quality cut.

Children’s Haircuts

Your little can come with you to Allure salon in Chicago and benefit from the same level of professionalism and care our hair stylists put into every cut. Our team will take the time to ensure that your child is comfortable before we get to work creating an amazing transformation!

Hair Styling

Whether you have a big meeting coming up or the big day of your wedding, it’s vital to find quality hair styling services to help you feel calm and confident when the moment arrives. Our stylists specialize in finding the right look for every customer, and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with our work.

Hair Texturing and Perms

Tired of your straight or wavy hair? Come in for a perm or spiral wave at Allure de Vie in Chicago. We will work delicately with your hair to transform it into something we’re confident you’ll be happy with.

Hair Therapy

Has your hair been damaged from beauty chemicals or is it naturally weak to begin with? Try Allure De Vie Hair Therapy and let us protect each follicle with our Kerastase treatment.

Schedule Your Appointment

Ready to schedule your appointment with Allure de Vie? Be sure to browse our site to learn more about our luxurious spa and salon services, including laser hair removal, and be sure to contact us online for complete assistance!