1. Laser Hair Removal Vs Traditional Methods Part 2

    The world of hair removal can be a frustrating adventure fraught with pain and negative experiences. This can all be expertly avoided by going to Allure de Vie. Our luxury health and beauty spa offers the most enjoyable spa services in Chicago. Our spa treatments range in luxurious fashion, covering everything from massage sessions to full body waxing services. Allure offers additional pampering w…Read More

  2. Laser Hair Removal Vs Traditional Methods Part 1

    Innovation is the driving factor behind our customer satisfaction here at Allure De Vie. Our wide range of relaxing spa services in the Chicago area helps to keep our clients smiling and coming back for more. One key task we undertake in order to accomplish pampering is hair removal. You can refresh your look and feel confident after undergoing our professional body waxing treatment or benefitting…Read More

  3. Choosing Between Body Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

    You’re probably gearing up for the summer weather as the temperatures breach 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the Chicago area. However, putting on the shorts or skirts to bask in the sunshine may make you cringe as you realize your winter legs are covered in winter hair. If you are tired of shaving and just want the hair to be gone, you may be thinking about body waxing or laser hair removal, and it’…Read More

  4. The Best Reasons To Get A Massage

    The many benefits of massages have been studied extensively, and the verdict is in: massage therapy is great for your health and happiness. At Allure de Vie in Chicago, we offer several different types of massage, all of which offer their own unique benefits. However, there are certain benefits of massages that are universal across all the different types. Here are some of the best reasons to get …Read More