The world of hair removal can be a frustrating adventure fraught with pain and negative experiences. This can all be expertly avoided by going to Allure de Vie. Our luxury health and beauty spa offers the most enjoyable spa services in Chicago. Our spa treatments range in luxurious fashion, covering everything from massage sessions to full body waxing services. Allure offers additional pampering with our top-notch salon services as well. If you’re in need of hair removal, we can help!


Last week, we looked at a few methods of hair removal and how well they do or do not work. Today, we’ll briefly discuss the benefits of waxing and the ever-popular method of laser hair removal.




The art of body waxing is a very popular option for body beautification purposes. Our experts are aptly trained and experienced in order to provide you the best results, which is very important in this method. Body waxing consists of laying wax on the skin, where it binds to the hairs. Waxing’s renown comes from the next step, which is the action of ripping the wax off with a cloth or strip, taking the hairs out by the root. This method is great for accomplishing hair removal in a relatively short amount of time with a long period of hair-free skin before more waxing is required. It is important to note that waxing can be a somewhat painful experience for a number of clients we serve. However, our associates will do everything as seamlessly as possible to reduce the band-aidesque feeling of body waxing. Over time your hair will grow back finer, leading to less pain during future waxing episodes!




This method is essentially the same as wax except for the substance itself. Instead of wax, a sugary gel is used to bind to the hairs. Your hair will be pulled out by the root with a very similar pain sensation as body waxing. While sugaring has been gaining steam in recent years due to its all-natural composition, it still may not be the best hair removal option.


Laser Hair Treatment


Laser hair removal takes the trophy for the best treatment option in eliminating that pesky body hair. Science is the driving force behind the convenience and effectiveness of this futuristic option. Although costly in terms of time at first, our top-notch technology ensures that your laser hair removal is both safe and permanent. The laser in our process is used to heat up the base of the hair, killing the source and preventing that hair from growing back. Unlike other options, our tools are versatile for all shades of hair and skin. After your laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be feeling and looking good, without the stress of having to shave or wax. Allure de Vie is proud to offer our Soprano XL machine to ensure that our clients receive the most painless, productive treatment available!
If you’re not looking forward to the maintenance required to take on the warmer weather, we can help! Allure de Vie specializes in a number of spa services for Chicago residents. Our goal is to give you the most comfortable, revitalizing experience possible. If you’re interested in our laser hair removal, feel free to contact us today to learn more!