Innovation is the driving factor behind our customer satisfaction here at Allure De Vie. Our wide range of relaxing spa services in the Chicago area helps to keep our clients smiling and coming back for more. One key task we undertake in order to accomplish pampering is hair removal. You can refresh your look and feel confident after undergoing our professional body waxing treatment or benefitting from our pain-free laser hair removal. Look great and feel sexy after our experienced technicians work their magic. When it comes to getting the best spa treatments, there are a number of methods that one can utilize for hair removal. Many decisions for this event depend on preference and budget. Today, we’ll look into the means for hair removal and how they can bring out your beauty.


Tweezing. Yanking. Plucking. The process of plucking out hairs individually with tweezers has been a classic measure that can be useful in select beauty plans. Plucking is useful for removing rogue hairs or for shaping your brows. Key benefits here are that it is free and anyone with tweezers can do it. However, the process of ripping out the root can be damaging and can cause scarring if performed frequently. Plucking also can lead  to ingrown hairs, which may sabotage the purpose of pulling that hair in the first place!


An even more commonplace tactic, the use of a razor and shaving cream is a tried and tested method for removing unwanted hair. From your face to your toes, shaving comes with a certain degree of versatility. Typically pain-free, shaving is known for simplicity. Cheap and widely available, this style can also bring widespread hair removal to the masses.

There are, however, a standard list of drawbacks. For one, even the best shaves will only last a few days. After about a week, the hairs will return and await their next shaving adventure. Another downfall to shaving is the inevitable presence of ingrown hairs. If one follicle changes direction for its growth trajectory, unsightly spots can form. Another common ailment associated with constant shaving is the emergence of dark spots on the surface of the skin. A big drawback to shaving is the risk of self-mutilation. Although relatively safe, one slip of the hand can lead to bloody razor wounds; not the most beautifying experience.

Cream Applications

Also known as depilatories, hair removal creams are widely used and come in a variety of brands and options. They offer removal services that are relatively cheap and pain-free. While some people can suffer from skin issues, many benefit from minor discomfort while eliminating body hair. As always, there are drawbacks. For one, the strong chemicals used in the creams are often odorous and can be very harsh on sensitive skin. Since the cream removed the hair but not the root, the beautiful results are short-lived. Creams are similar in shaving in that constant upkeep is needed to keep the skin in a smooth state. One big downfall for depilatories is their inability to remove hair below the surface. When you use removal creams on darker, thicker hairs, the resulting surface appearance will become an unsightly dark spot. Not the best look!

Whether you’re wanting to look good at the pool or feel confident on that date, hair removal can be a handy service. Next time, we’ll look at more long-term hair solutions such as body waxing and laser hair removal. If you’re looking for beautification and relaxation, we can help! Allure De Vie offers the most comfortable spa services for the Chicago area. Check out our comprehensive services menu then contact us to set up the pampered day you deserve!