laser hair removalYou’re probably gearing up for the summer weather as the temperatures breach 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the Chicago area. However, putting on the shorts or skirts to bask in the sunshine may make you cringe as you realize your winter legs are covered in winter hair. If you are tired of shaving and just want the hair to be gone, you may be thinking about body waxing or laser hair removal, and it’s important to understand the difference before you make a decision one way or the other.

At Allure De Vie, we offer both waxing and laser hair removal as spa services in our Chicago location, so book your appointment with us today!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by sending pulses of light through the skin’s surface. Your hair follicles absorb this light, which heats them up and destroys them at the root. Because you are getting rid of the follicle itself, your hair can’t grow back, giving you a permanent hair removal solution.


Long-term, in many cases permanent, hair removal solution

  • Doesn’t damage the skin
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • No ingrown hairs


  • More expensive than other temporary treatment options

Many times people will list pain as a drawback to laser hair removal. However, with Allure De Vie’s unique Laser Diode system, you benefit from increased power, repetitions, and DualChill™ technology, which all lend to a more effective, pain-free, and positive laser hair removal experience. It’s important to remember that laser hair removal works best on those whose hair is darker than their skin, but we have treated all skin types and colors with success.

Professional Body Waxing

Your professional at Allure De Vie will apply a hot wax to the area, which is then pulled off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This action removes hair at its root ( the follicle itself is untouched), leaving your legs silky smooth, but only temporarily.


  • Removes hair for smoothness that lasts up to three weeks
  • Is more affordable than laser hair removal
  • Only requires one treatment for smooth legs


  • Waxing can cause damage to your dermis
  • May result in ingrown hairs
  • Is a temporary solution
  • Moderate pain

Something to remember with waxing:

Many times, we see clients drink alcohol before coming to see us, thinking this will dull or numb the pain. However, alcohol is known to shrink your pores, making the hair more difficult to remove from the pore, and creating a far more painful experience.

Making the Decision

laser hair removalWhile laser hair removal will cost more upfront than waxing, it is a far more permanent solution. This means that in a few years, you may spend more waxing once a month than you would have if you invested in six laser hair removal sessions. Because of this, laser hair removal is generally the more cost-effective solution in the end.

With both waxing and laser hair removal, the larger the area, the more expensive it is going to be. Call us today for pricing.

At your appointment, our trained professionals will meet with you and examine your skin and hair growth to determine if you are a good candidate for either hair removal process. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our clients, as well as providing them with a service they love, every time, regardless of whether you choose waxing or laser hair removal.