As the fall season begins, many people begin to look forward to the weather. While some relish the thought of putting on the long sleeves and letting their body hair care regimen relax, others look forward to the colder months. Allure de Vie understands the passion for maintaining a sleek and sexy body, and our spa services are here to prove it. One key service that fills our appointment books during the wintry months is our unbeatable laser hair removal for Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians and top-tier technology help to deliver a safe, effective outcome for all body types.

Many people are surprised to learn about the benefits that winter can provide you with laser hair removal. Today, we’ll look at why the months ahead may prove to be the perfect time for you to get the smooth skin that you deserve. Contact the Allure team today to learn more about our spa services our to schedule your laser hair consultation!

Lighter Skin Season

While modern advances in technology have helped to mitigate much of the struggles associated with discerning melanin in hair follicles from skin, the fact of the matter remains that lighter skin tones tend to have more efficient results in eliminating hair growth. Wintertime provides an ideal climate for many of those in Illinois to let the tan fade, resulting in better outcomes with laser hair removal. The lack of melanin in the skin and a lack of overall sun exposure should help to illuminate your hair for the best results. Frequent tanners should remember that tanning beds and bronzers will need to be avoided for the best results.

Adequate Sun Coverage

Regardless of which spa you choose for your salon services and hair removal, the caution will be in place for avoiding direct sun exposure both before and after a treatment. This is because sun damage from exposure can result in later complications. Receiving treatment in the winter can be ideal because your long-sleeved nature during the cold months will equate to minimal sun exposure. Plus, the weeks following your visit to Allure de Vie will consist of skin that is sensitive and fragile.

The same wardrobe choices during the cold season can also prove to be helpful during the winter for other skin rejuvenation services, such as chemical peels. Your skin will need to rejuvenate after going through one of our quality spa treatments. Failure to follow proper suncare techniques following a spa service can actually result in worse results!

Multiple Visit Opportunities

One thing that people should know about laser hair removal is that it targets hair follicles during the anagen (growing) stage. The hair across your body will be at different points in the cycle, requiring more treatments for an optimal outcome. Without these cycles, your hair would cycle through and all fall out at the same time! If you have a large-scale hair project in the works, be sure to consider winter services for the best outcome. Many people imagine going to their local spa for the best treatments, leaving at a later point to show off immediately sexy results. Hair removal may not be such a complete process, and can result in uneven spots that will need to be addressed before making your grand reveal at the pool.

Everybody is different, and the range of hair types and skin colors will affect the overall experience. While our technicians have the skills and experience to get the job done as effectively as possible, the road to a hairless you may be longer than expected. As such, it’s best to get to work in the snowy months to help create a smooth, confident you. After multiple trips, you’ll be more sheen and shiny than ever.

Preparing your body to look and feel great for next summer can start anytime thanks to Allure de Vie! Our professional spa services deliver Illinois residents the best results possible with quality staff and enjoyable amenities. If you are in need of professional laser hair removal in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place! From body waxing to luxurious spa facials, our team is here and ready to help you center yourself and look great in the process. Contact us today to learn more about our spa treatments and skin care services!