Summertime is in full swing here in Illinois, and people are more eager than ever to head out and soak up the sun. Those that are in need of quality spa services before jumping into their swimsuit can benefit from a rejuvenating day at Allure de Vie. Our luxurious salon and spa offers numerous services, from our cleansing body waxing to relaxing spa massages. Anyone in need of top-notch laser hair removal in Chicago will be happy once they leave our spa. By utilizing the best technology in the industry with our experienced staff, we are able to deliver a fast, effective treatment that will leave you confident when it’s time to don that swimwear. Today, we’ll look at a few aspects of laser hair removal in regards to the summer sunshine that can help you decide on the best approach for obtaining a beautiful, confident body. When you’re ready for the full spa treatment, be sure to enjoy our services at Allure de Vie!

Laser Hair Treatments and Tanning

The confusion between laser hair treatments and tanning is perfectly understandable. Tanning while receiving laser hair removal is doable, but there are some strings attached to the activity. Our modern laser technology is better able than ever to distinguish between the color of your skin and the color of your hair. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee as to the effectiveness between the laser and your tan skin. The lasers that are used seek out melanin, which is a pigment that increases in the skin when you tan. Our experienced technicians are able to adjust the settings to better zap your hairs, delivering a stunning, smooth outcome when the treatment is finished. Therefore, being tan and wanting to de-hair is perfectly fine.

Caution should be used leading up to and following your laser hair treatment, though. It’s recommended that you avoid the sun leading up to your laser appointment, as tanning resembles bruising for the skin. The last thing you want before receiving a laser treatment is skin that is healing. Avoiding the sun after your treatment is even more important, as the changes beneath your skin can lead to issues when introduced to UV rays. Issues such as blisters, scarring, and pigmentation changes can occur, leaving uncomfortable, unsightly issues that will not make you feel better. The risk of sustaining a sunburn will be higher after a treatment, so it is highly recommended to take proper precautions to cover up. Taking a week is generally a safe practice, but everyone is different, so be sure to ask our staff for help once you arrive!

Water Activities and Laser Interactions

While water and chlorine have no direct effect on your hair follicles, it is best practice to refrain from swimming for 24 to 48 hours. This is because laser hair removal acts as a sunburn, where the skin can swell and be inflamed for a day following the procedure. Your skin will be very sensitive toward irritations, and the combination of water and chlorine can cause a very uncomfortable reaction. Avoiding irritants during the recovery time is vital for user comfort and quality results. Anyone that does swim, though, should remember quality sunblock to avoid any damage from sunburns!

Lotion Good, Sunburns Bad

Superior protection is required if you are receiving laser hair removal in the heat of summer. Even when it is cloudy outside, it is essential to sunscreen up before heading outside. Anyone who braves the UV rays without help may suffer from:

  • Hyperpigmentation. This is an increase in melanin within the skin, causing darker spots and patches where excessive sunlight has reached.
  • Hypopigmentation. On the opposite side, this process includes the reduction of melanin and subsequent lightening of the skin. Also known as depigmentation, this issue resembles albinism.

Proper caution is advised anytime you go outside after recovering from laser hair treatments. Allure de Vie can provide thorough care instructions once the process is completed!

Finding a quality provider of laser hair removal in Chicago can help you to revolutionize your body and confidence. Unsightly body hair can be a thing of the past thanks to Allure de Vie. Our experienced laser technicians are here and ready to perform fast, affordable services that are as painless as they are productive. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your spa appointment!