Winter is here for awhile, yet many people are taking the freezing temperatures as a sign that warmer weather is on the way. Across Illinois and much of the country, individuals are seeking out quality spa services to help them look and feel great for the summer season. One modern spa treatment that has continued to improve over the years is laser hair removal, with guided lasers removing your hair at the root for long-term results and a boost to your confidence. Allure de Vie is here to help you feel smooth and sexy all year long, delivering quality laser hair removal in Chicago that is sure to exceed your expectations. Our top-notch technology and highly trained staff ensure that you are receiving a fast, effective, painless procedure that you’ll love!

Our spa and salon offers the most luxurious and restorative services in the state, and our treatments aren’t just for women. Today, we’ll continue to discuss the top areas to receive laser hair removal by highlighting the top areas for men to receive treatment. Regardless of your gender, be sure to contact Allure de Vie today to reserve or spa and salon services!

Masculine Mugs

Facial hair for men can be a complicated subject, as some guys aim to keep a bare look while others prefer a trimmed beard. Our laser hair services can be customized to deliver the look you want, removing unsightly stray hairs and clearing away the hairs on the back of your neck. You can utilize our spa services to create a look that fits your style perfectly, all while helping you to minimize the inconveniences of shaving daily. Our laser hair services are safe and precise, delivering amazing results that you will have to see to believe.

Buttocks and Brokini Lines

We receive a lot of customer requests for the brozilian service, where we can clear away unwanted hair in the pubic areas and the buttocks. While today’s beauty standards place a lot of pressure on women to have smooth skin, men also face pressures for manscaping and keeping themselves free of unsightly body hair. Our laser hair experts can help you create the outcome you want, delivering customized results to best match your preferences. You can feel more confident when the warm weather arrives, and our Chicago spa will be here to help keep your look at its best.

Chiseled Chests and Backs

While body hair has long been thought of as masculine, today’s norms are seeing a lot more focus on clear skin and hairless physiques. We often help male clients who are self-conscious about the amount of hair present on their chest and back. From the bedroom to the swimming pool, you can feel more confident and shine when you leave our spa clinic feeling smooth and sexy. Our laser hair removal will provide effective solutions for your excess hair, delivering results that will boost your confidence for a long time.

Full-Body Form

If one laser hair treatment in one area helps you to feel confident, then a full-body plan should serve to make you feel like the sexiest man alive! Allure de Vie’s FDA-approved laser hair equipment can provide all-over results that are sure to help you feel your best. A large number of our customers ask for the full package, which we can break down into a regimen of laser hair treatments to effectively cover every area that you want to focus on. Our skilled technicians and modern technology ensure that you’re receiving the best outcome every time you leave our spa.

Regardless of your gender, hair removal can help you to feel confident and sexy no matter what situation you find yourself in. This spa service can create long-term results that will minimize your time spent hunched over a mirror shaving while also avoiding the unpleasant side effects of other hair removal methods. If you are considering laser hair removal in Chicago, be sure to visit Allure de Vie to see how our spa services are perfectly suited for your needs. For years, we’ve gladly provided the best in pampering and luxury, delivering restorative services that are sure to help you find your center to take life on in earnest. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your laser hair treatment!