As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to quickly drop, many residents across Illinois face the challenge of maintaining an optimal beauty routine despite what the weather brings. Citizens in need of Top Rated Local® spa treatments in Chicago can find premium comfort and luxury when they schedule an appointment with Allure de Vie. Our local salon and spa is proud to provide all of the services needed to make an individual feel their most beautiful and relaxed.

If you’re worried about keeping your beauty routine in tip-top shape during the holiday season, be sure to read our blog post below for tips and advice. We’re here and ready to provide an amazing experience for you, so be sure to contact us today for service!

Keep Hydrated

There are dozens of reasons why you should drink water, as this liquid comprises a majority of your body. While we do not have the time to describe all of the advantages of downing water, it’s important to know that stocking up on H2O can help to improve your appearance as well.

  • Maintain elasticity – Hydration isn’t the cure for wrinkles, but it will help to keep the skin soft and elastic. Over time, this can provide protection from a wide range of damages.
  • Clear out toxins – By helping to flush out toxins, H2O is able to make your skin look more radiant.
  • Strengthen muscles, skin, and bones – Overall, hydration helps to keep the entire body lubricated. This helps to promote optimal body growth and health.
  • Reduce acne – By clearing out pores and potential toxins, you can help to reduce the amount of acne you are currently suffering from.

Allure de Vie is dedicated to helping clients feel confident and beautiful. Our experts will be able to go over the best ways to hydrate and care for your appearance. Be sure to contact us when you are ready to learn about our hydrating salon and spa services!

Moisturize Often

Beyond satiating your thirst this holiday season, it pays to keep your skin hydrated, as well. Drier weather and extreme temperature changes can begin to show on your skin, so be sure to take extra steps to protect your complexion. Moisturizers are ideal for helping the skin to retain its moisture, keeping the surface soft, supple, and glowing. This process will also help to treat your skin, better covering any unsightly blemishes when it comes time to apply product.

Remember to Exfoliate

The grit and grime from daily life can take its toll on your skin, so be sure to treat your face right by exfoliating when needed. This process helps to scrub away the dead skin cells present on the surface, improving your complexion in the process. Many people love the glow that comes to their skin after exfoliating, as this process also helps with blood flow. You will also be able to clear out your pores, allowing them to shrink and reduce the chances of future breakouts.

Allure de Vie is proud to offer the best spa treatments across Chicago, delivering ideal results matched by our caring and professional staff. Our 50-minute spa services include a customized facial which helps to exfoliate the skin.

Maintain Regular Hair Care

Just because the temperatures are freezing across Chi-Town, doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair! One simple way to keep on shining through the holidays is to perfect your hair routine. Every individual’s body chemistry is different, resulting in differing lengths of time that create the best hairstyles. Many people lather and rinse daily, while others shampoo every couple of days, and some individuals benefit best from cleanings on a weekly basis.

If you’re ready for a luxurious time at the salon, our team is able to provide amazing hair care. Our stylists can treat, color, and cut your hair to perfection, relying on years of experience and the best training to highlight your natural beauty. Learn more about our hair services here before scheduling your spa services at Allure de Vie!

Invest in Laser Hair Removal

While the hair on your head can help you to feel beautiful, the opposite can be said of hair everywhere else. One of the best and most stress-free ways to feel confident and beautiful all season long is to schedule laser hair removal with your local spa. Allure de Vie is proud to provide top-notch laser hair removal in Chicago, delivering effective and comfortable results that are pain-free. This modern technology features fast, effective results that wipe the hair out at the follicle and deliver smooth skin that is sure to make you glow.

For 20 years, this technology has been perfected to deliver long-lasting beauty for skin tones of all types. Local residents can benefit from our wide range of spa treatments to provide lasting results. If you’re interested in scheduling your laser hair removal at our Chicago spa, be sure to contact us today!