Mother’s Day is almost here already, and many spouses and children are still in the market for an ideal gift to show Mom how much she really matters. If you’ve been struggling to find the right gift, be sure to read through today’s blog, which highlights a few of our spa’s favorite tips for 2019.

Allure de Vie is here to serve as your premier salon and spa across Chicago, providing laser hair removal, waxing, cellulite treatments, and more to provide a relaxing experience for hard-working mothers. Our spa treatments aim to be luxuriously affordable while our salon services ensure that Mom is confident in her look.

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Personalized Collages

Most moms will state that they love something personalized and from the heart. One way to create a long-lasting source of joy is to create a collage out of all of the best times your family has had with Mom. Modern technology has made it easier than ever to assemble and print unique photos online, giving families the ability to come through with flying colors on Mother’s Day.

Specialized Cookbooks

Does your spouse, mother, or grandmother love to cook? Are they always on the lookout for something exciting and new? Now can be the perfect time to opt for a unique cookbook that tailors to your mother’s preferences, from farmhouse specialties to culinary delights. Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to keep an eye out for any out-of-the-box cookbooks that can give her interesting ideas to try!

To make this Mother’s Day even more memorable, set aside some time for the family to get into the kitchen and give Mom a hand in making a delicious meal. Braver families can even send Mom off to relax while the food is prepped.

A Relaxing Night Out

The mom in your family works hard. In fact, a study from Welch’s found that working moms average about 100 hours on the clock weekly. Instead of showering Mom in chocolates and flowers, why not give her a relaxing evening out on the town? You can choose from a variety of establishments across the Windy City, including bistros, buffets, wine bars, and more, complete with specials and unique attractions such as live music. No matter your mother’s tastes, you’re sure to find the right dinner spot!

Reserve the Full Salon and Spa Treatment

Moms spend so much time worrying about everyone else that they rarely find a few free moments to invest in themselves. If the mom in your family is ready for a little relaxation, a gift card to a local spa may prove to be the perfect gift! Allure de Vie of Chicago is here to serve as your full-service spa and salon, including beautifying services such as hair, nails, and makeup. Mothers can relax and unwind with one of our luxurious body treatments, facials, and more. Our local spa is proud to provide a full range of pampering services, and will be happy to help the mom in your life feel special!

Help Her Feel Confident With Laser Hair Removal

Mother’s Day is almost here, and soon, the hot temperatures and sunny days will be back here in Chi-Town. If the mom in your life is worried about swimsuit season, or she has expressed her disdain for regular shaving and body waxing, now might be the perfect time to invest in laser hair removal. Allure de Vie provides the best laser hair removal across Chicago, relying on our trained technicians and modern technology to provide amazing results that are affordable and pain-free. We can tailor a plan that best meets Mom’s needs, creating long-lasting shines without the need for inconvenient upkeep.

Ready to give your mom or spouse the best gift this Mother’s Day? Check out Allure de Vie! We provide a full range of relaxing spa treatments and salon services that can help the mom in your life recharge and feel her best. Families can spend $100 and get a $150 gift card or spend $185 for a $300 gift to make the most of our affordable spa treatments. Contact us online to learn more, and be sure to schedule your laser hair removal services!