Being beautiful is what many of us strive for. Looking and feeling great is important for self-esteem and confidence. Laser hair removal is one method that can be used to great effect in the quest for perfecting your already stunning body. Allure de Vie is one establishment that understands the value of looking and feeling your best. Our unbeatable spa treatments ensure that you will receive the pampering that your body and beauty deserves. Our experienced staff works diligently to provide the best laser hair removal in Chicago, delivering unbeatable results without the worry or concern often falsely associated with such methods. Today, the Allure salon team will discuss a few of the more common laser hair removal myths and how our spa services aim to further dispel any misconceptions. When it comes to relaxing and resetting, Allure de Vie is here to help!

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal Hurts!

Truth: While more outdated devices were known to bring the sting, our use of The Soprano XL™ aims to prove that cool, painless results are the way of the future. Older options were less precise, sometimes resulting in serious skin damage. Numbing creams were introduced to help take the edge off of more modern machines, making the entire process more bearable. Our use of DualChill™ technology ensures that the 113-degree temperature heat that eliminates your hair follicles is effectively cooled, creating comfort that doesn’t require any cream. You’ll be impressed by the results and the obvious lack of discomfort!

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal Only Works on Dark Hair

Truth: Outdated information illuminates this effective hair treatment as a dark hair only process. Those with lighter hairs received very inefficient results due to the associated pigmentation. Modern technology has helped lasers become more effective in removing all types of hair. One truth behind this method, though, is that everybody’s hair color and composition is different. Those who are concerned can speak to their doctor for help on how to proceed. Our Allure spa device works on all colors of hair, delivering results with confidence and pride.

Myth 3: This Device Cannot be Used on Dark Skin

Truth: Once again, older technology has come back to haunt our modern marvel. Original logic dictated that melanin, or the dark pigment found in hair and skin, was hard to differentiate from darker skin colors for older machines. New innovations have helped to make this issue a problem of the past, where modern machines can now work effectively to help participants of nearly all skin types and colors.

Myth 4: Hair Removal Services are Permanent

Truth: One source of misinformation that can possibly be seen as a positive untruth is that laser hair removal is a permanent solution. Our advanced laser takes out the hair follicle, disrupting its ability to grow hair. If the follicle remains intact, it can repair itself and get back to business. As a heads up, you should know that more than one treatment may be required for optimal results, and an occasional maintenance session may need to be scheduled to ensure optimal smoothness.

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal is Far Too Costly

Truth: When people think about the advanced machinery used in order to eliminate hair follicles and the need for continual shaving, they may be intimidated by the price tag. In reality, the speed and convenience of our salon services make it so that you are receiving optimal treatment at an affordable price. One session can cost you between $100 and $250 dollars, which is a small price to pay for the convenience of living a hair-free life. Our Allure salon recommends to those that do not want to invest all at once to come in for smaller treatment sessions, giving clients the chance to see big results before committing to more treatments. When you consider how much money and time you’ll be saving after our Chicago laser hair removal services, the upfront price is well worth the investment!

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and taking on the world with confidence is what we’re all about here at Allure de Vie. Our clean and professional facility aims to deliver the best spa services to Illinois, pampering clients in a relaxing, restorative manner. If you are considering trying laser hair removal in Chicago, you’re in luck! Our experienced staff will be able to deliver fast, effective results that are both safe and painless. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule or services!