As the summer season comes into full swing, Illinois residents are looking to expose some skin and soak up the sunshine. If you want to live it up in the outdoors, but are worried about that unsightly hair, the embarrassment felt can be enough to affect your quality of life. Beauty-seekers everywhere rely on an arsenal of hair removal products, with each requiring different levels of effort to maintain smooth skin. Laser hair services are one modern option that can provide long-lasting results that shorten your beauty routine while enhancing your confidence like ever before. Instead of worrying about the growth of unsightly hair all across the body, residents can benefit instead from our professional laser hair removal in Chicago.

Allure de Vie is proud to be your trusted source for spa services and salon services, delivering luxury and comfort to provide the best results for our deserving customers. Our experienced team is here and ready to provide a wide range of beautifying and detoxing spa treatments.

While effective and confidential, many Windy City residents opt out of laser hair removal because they have embarrassing questions. Our beauty spa has been here for years, and we’ve heard it all! Today, we’ll answer a few more embarrassing questions to keep you from having to ask them yourself. When finished, be sure to contact us for your appointment!

Can I Utilize Laser Hair Removal for Folliculitis?

One common problem that affects millions of Americans is folliculitis, or an inflammation of the hair follicles. This problem is often caused by bacterial or fungal invasions and can result in red or white spots that resemble pimples around the follicle. Folliculitis is the worst for those seeking smooth and beautiful skin, as this condition can result in unsightly spots that are hard to cover up.

As we stated in our previous blog, laser hair removal kills the hair at its root, eliminating the issues associated with ingrown hairs. Folliculitis can affect nearly anywhere on the body that grows hair, from your arms and legs to more private areas. If you’ve been too embarrassed to call about laser hair services for this issue, be sure to reach out to Allure de Vie to schedule a private consultation!

What about my Knuckles and Toes?

While gentlemen have the advantage of getting away with more hair everywhere, females with hair on their hands and feet often feel self-conscious about their skin. These areas are known to grow hair in random amounts and patterns, resulting in unsightly outcomes that nobody wants to keep around!

Our team is here to provide the most advanced laser hair removal in Chicago, and we’re confident that we can help you to find smooth, clear skin on your palms, feet, and more. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of our treatments will depend on the thickness of your hair and your skin tone. We’re confident that we can deliver amazing results in almost every case, so be sure to call today for more info!

Do you cover large areas such as my back?

Back hair is a common problem that many people would prefer to live without. Women especially go to greath lengths to beautify this large and often-exposed part of the body, as any hairs can serve to sabotage your self-confidence in a hurry! Allure de Vie is more than happy to help you find the best results and shoulder your hair burden. Keep in mind that our hair removal services are priced according to size, so while a back treatments are common and beneficial, they will cost more.

While your upper lip may land at $100, a single session for your back will likely cost closer to $250. Our spa professionals can help you determine the best hair removal strategy for your body, breaking down the costs and services to help you achieve your goal. We take pride in providing ultimate satisfaction, but keep in mind that more services may be required for individuals with finer hair.

Does a Brazilian service apply to my rear area?

The purpose of body waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal is to provide smooth skin all over. Our team can provide comprehensive services below the waist, and we’re able to provide the best support to maximize comfort during the procedure, as this area is very sensitive. Remember that we will only work on the areas that you want and will provide the best recommendations outside of your ordered services. Remember that Allure de Vie is your Top Rated Local® salon in Chicago, and our staff is expertly trained to maximize comfort and confidentiality!

We’re proud to deliver all-over beauty services to help our clients feel confident in their daily lives. Our Soprano laser is among the best in the industry, delivering results that as effective as they are painless. If you’re curious about laser hair removal, be sure to contact us for more information!