For many men and women across the country, uncomfortable and unsightly body hair can be a real nuisance. Our modern society places a premium focus on clean, smooth skin, which can place a lot of pressure on individuals to look at their hair removal regimen and enact big changes. While body waxing and shaving are both convenient short-term solutions, they can pale in comparison to modern laser hair treatments. If you reside in Illinois and are in search of the most luxurious and beneficial spa services in Illinois, Allure de Vie is here to serve as your oasis amongst unqualified spas and salons. Our spa aficionados are here and ready to provide the top-notch laser hair removal to residents of Chicago and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be the number-one Chicago spa rated by Tripadvisor, and our relaxing spa and salon services are here to help you take it easy and unwind while being treated to professional pampering by our highly trained staff.

While laser hair removal is much more advanced and beneficial than ever before, many people are uninformed about this level of safety and convenience. Today, we’ll answer a few of the most embarrassing questions you may have about laser hair treatments. If you’re looking to feel smooth and sexy for the spring season, be sure to stop by our Top Rated Local® spa for assistance!

Do I completely disrobe for a bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal?

In most cases, yes. We understand that many people are uncomfortable with removing their underwear, but our technicians need full access to ensure that your treatment is fast and painless. Our laser hair removal technicians are highly trained and professional at all times, working to put you at ease during any of our spa services. Regardless of the area of focus, our team will provide you with a towel for privacy in areas that are not receiving laser hair treatments. Allure de Vie strives to be professional and respectful at all times, viewing nudity as medical professionals would. While uncomfortable at first, many clients claim to be much more comfortable with their technician by the end of the session. You can bring your musical device or a book in to distract you if you are worried about being comfortable.

Can I remove nose or ear hair with laser hair removal?

Many people are surprised to learn that they can remove unsightly ear and nose hair with proper laser hair treatments. This procedure can help you to cut out the pains of having to trim heavy hair growth in these critical areas, delivering daily convenience and confidence that can be hard to match by any other med spa services.

While this service is possible for many clients, it’s important to remember that there are limitations. Laser hair services in these small, sensitive areas require precision and experience. Failing to go to a day spa with the proper knowledge of how to perform this service can put you at risk for unwanted hair outcomes and even injury. It’s also important to remember that these hairs are in place for a reason, and completely clearing them out can result in more toxins being able to enter the body. Contact us if you have questions!

Will laser hair removal help with my acne problem?

If you have acne issues, you may be able to reduce them with our modern laser hair services. Acne is normally caused by three different problems, including:

  • Bacterial agents can result in unwanted acne outbreaks.
  • Hormonal imbalances are a common cause of acne, especially through adolescence.
  • Ingrown hairs are treated by the body as bacteria, growing worse until the hair naturally falls out.

If your acne problems are caused by ingrown hairs, laser hair treatments may be an effective solution. Our technology kills the hair at its root, reducing the chances that you’ll have to deal with unsightly acne around your eyebrows, chin, upper lip, bikini line, and so on. You can benefit from smooth, beautiful skin when you stop by Allure de Vie!

If you are afflicted with excessive hair that hampers your lifestyle and hurts your self-esteem, our laser technology may be a perfect solution. Allure de Vie is here to provide professional laser hair removal to Chicago residents, relying on proven practices and approved equipment to deliver the best results. Next time, we’ll continue to cover embarrassing questions you may have about this beneficial spa service. Contact us today to learn more!