Today’s beauty connoisseurs are looking for a fast, convenient method of maintaining a hair-free appearance. Being able to avoid the recurring pains of shaving and prevent the pangs of plucking is a key benefit for anyone looking for smooth, hairless skin. Allure De Vie is happy to offer our top-notch laser hair removal services to Chicago residents, as well as a plethora of other relaxing options. From our stylish salon services to our relaxing spa massages, you’re sure to find the best service to relax and revitalize you! Our highly trained staff strives to exceed your expectations on a daily basis. If you’re looking to be pampered, our Chicago day spa is the perfect answer!

Part of our dedication to perfection involves the use of our premium laser hair removal machine, the Soprano XL. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at how laser hair removal works and how it can transform your beauty routine!

Aren’t Lasers Dangerous?

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or LASERs, can be hazardous to people due to high temperatures and the photo-chemical effects that can damage the eyes. However, our precision machine runs at 113 degrees, which is not only safe, but very effective (we’ll discuss this later!). We also use protective eye equipment to ensure that your safety is at full strength at all times.

The best part is the lack of discomfort. Modern innovations have made our laser hair removal treatments feel more like a hot stone massage. The IN-Motion™ technology consists of more power and repetitions, giving our staff the ability to quickly and effectively move the laser. The constant movement ensures that you experience a pain-free treatment. Our Soprano XL also utilizes DualChill™ technology to cool the surface of your skin while eliminating hair follicles, eliminating the need for a numbing cream. Your appointment will be quick and painless!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Good question! Essentially, our heated laser works to penetrate the skin and destroy the hair follicle at its source. While shaving is effective for clearing surface skin, it does not take out the hair at its source. Our machine will destroy the follicle while leaving everything else safe and sound.

There are several laser diodes to choose from when choosing a laser hair removal machine. A laser diode, or injection laser, is a device that emits collected radiation into a format that is visible in our infrared spectrum. These lasers are commonly used with laser printers, security devices, CD players, and so on. While the numbers range for hair removal devices (typically between 755 and 1064), our 810-nanometer diode is ideal for offering a wide range of effectiveness for different hair and skin colors. Our Soprano laser actually delivers ten pulses per second, improving its efficiency over typical machines at the same wavelength. While our machine is one of the top answers for laser hair removal, it can still miss a few follicles depending on what growth stage the hairs are at.

What are the Growth Stages?

To clarify the laser process, we need to look at the different stages of hair growth. Your hair goes through cycles, with a long period of growth and a short period of rest. Once the rest phase is over, that hair is shed from the body and the cycle starts over again. The three stages of hair growth consist of:

  • Anagen. Also known as the growing stage, this time frame focuses on active growth. Typically lasting around 1,000 days (ranging from 2-6 years), hair will actively sprout, somewhere in the neighborhood of a half-inch per month. Genetics and environment determine the length of this phase, where people with longer cycles can grow much longer hair than their short-cycle counterparts.
  • Catagen. This intermediate stage is very short (around two weeks) and signals the end of active hair growth. The hair will begin to detach from the bulb, allowing the follicle to enter a dormant period.
  • Telogen. The resting phase consists of your follicle resting and preparing for a new round of growth. This hibernation tends to last a couple of months before starting the anagen process once again.

The longer your hair is when you come in, the more uncomfortable the process can be. Additionally, some follicles may survive the treatment based on their current growth stage, requiring additional treatments for optimal results.

Allure De Vie is proud to offer optimal laser hair removal services to Chicago residents. The Soprano XL is a symbol of our dedication to ultimate customer satisfaction. When you come to our spa, be prepared for a day of relaxation and restoration. Contact us now to schedule your appointment!